Do you want to discover Brussels while jogging at your ease?
We would love to guide you and share our passion for the city.

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City Runs is an « Asbl » (*) with the goal of promoting running in the city, to promote and develop sporting and cultural activities as well as sports tourism in the city.

This site is intended for urban runners, either local or from outside the city.

The objective is to offer per city a single place for information regarding the practice of running: this can range from guided visits, available marked routes, city races, sport clubs…

Enjoy your run!

The City Runs team a1nd its partners.

(*) Association without lucrative purpose according to Belgian law.

Visit Brussels while running

Discover Brussels while jogging. We offer different guided tours (Flag fr Flag nl ​Flag gb) :

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Our tours : 
The classics : City Run Downtown - City Run Europe - City Run Atomium (Heysel-Laeken) - City Run Molenbeek
The themes : City Run Art NouveauCity Run Comics art
The municipalities : City Run Anderlecht - City Run Berchem-Sainte-Agathe - City Run Downtown - City Run Evere - City Run Heysel-Laeken (Atomium) - City Run Molenbeek - City Run Saint-Gilles (Art Nouveau) - City Run Schaerbeek

Price : 24€ per person all inclusive. The cheapest on Brussels!


Kindly make (if possible) a reservation at least 48 hours in advance!

With the support of the office of the Elderman for Sports of the City of Brussels Logo vbx and Brusselsairport.

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Upcoming events

City Run Molenbeek (French)

Venez (re)découvrir Molenbeek tout en faisant votre jogging à votre aise. Votre guide vous amènera dans des endroits plus ou moins connus de la com ...

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