Do you want to vary your running training or have an alternative when the weather is bad? Why not try your hand at aquajogging? This consists of running the body immersed in water. Whatever your level, it will always be a good alternative to your usual workouts (but not a total replacement).

During the session, in static you alternate exercises to tone the lower body, the resistance of the water increasing muscle toning, while in motion you develop your cardiovascular endurance, the water damping your movements.

The results on your body and your breath appear quickly after your first sessions. It is also a sports activity recommended for recovery after injury (tendonitis, tears, etc.) but only after your doctor's agreement.

Basically, no equipment is necessary, the most seasoned can bring their personal weights.


Want to test or a private lesson?

Group lesson

Cost: Maximum € 30 per person
This prize includes 1 hour of lessons with a coach and the full day Thermae Sports with access to locker rooms and showers, the pool, fitness room (including course), thermal baths ... Opportunity to drink and eat at club bar.
Our coach is French speaking and speaks some Dutch

You are entitled to a free trial.

Time: every Friday at 5pm


Themae Sports, Kwekelaarstraat 4, 1785 Merchtem

Make your request at least 24 hours in advance!


Reservation of Aquajogging