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On this page you will find information to visit Antwerpen while running, training courses, urban jogging tours, clubs … Everything you need to enjoy running in the city!

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The City Runs Team and its partners.

Visit while running

Discover Antwerpen while jogging. We offer different guided tours.

All our tours are adaptable (if the request is realistic): departure,  specific place…

Kindly make (if possible) a reservation at least 48 hours in advance!

Antwerp Running Tours

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Do you want to (re)discover the historic heart of Antwerpen with a guided visit while jogging at a leisurely pace ? Join us for this tour of around 8,5 km.
I am sure u will learn something about Antwerpen ! You do not have to be a great athlete to participate: this run is accessible for « start to runners » as well.

Training routes


We propose some training routes in Antwerpen :


To find ideas for urban (and other) jogging:


We offer an overview of different joggers or athletics clubs:


Joggers clubs